In the forever-changing world with lots of variables, the insistence of aesthetic is essential. Besides demanding for beauty, Clara Jade, a Gen Z tattoo artist, also has her own perception of happiness. Age is never a standard to measure one’s maturity and sometimes, being a 24-year-old girl can be quite insightful. 

Happiness is an emotion in a fluid form

To Clara, happiness is an emotion in a fluid form. “It could be on the lowest level of happiness on the day before yesterday and became 10 on yesterday. Today should be around 6 to 7 while emotion is mostly influenced by weather” Being happy doesn’t need a special reason but rainy days, family and puppies never fail to keep her happy and feel less anxious as well. “ If I want to soothe my nerves, I will practice yoga or take my dog for a walk in the beach or dog park. My mood will be boosted when I see it having fun.”


When asked about the happiest moment in her life, she recalled the trip to Malaysia when she was young. “We went to a mangrove forest and we attached a plastic bottle to the boat and threw it to the sea before getting on board. We watched the sunset on the boat in the evening with the scene of my parents’ kissing. After departure, we picked up the bottle and there were two huge crabs inside it. We ate them at dinner, and it was the best day of my life.” The purest form of joy is often found in the fragment of our memories. 

Refuse to be a “normal person”

“I struggled a lot before deciding to be a tattoo artist.” Even though Clara looks like a person who has no boundaries for herself, she was once a prisoner of the traditional value. “ We are taught that we will not be able to get a decent job if we do not get a degree which cannot reach the general standard of the society.“ These days, toddlers are sent to schools once they learn to walk, playing piano is considered as “basic” skill. It seems like we will never meet the expectations of the society no matter how hard we try. Even if you clearly know that this concept is ridiculous, you can’t escape from it. It is doubtful if those standards are valid to judge a person?

“I want to beautify the world.” Since Clara was young, she has been deeply attracted by tattoo art. With her perception of beauty, she took the risk by dropping out of uni at year two and gave up the idea of being a normal person. She eventually began her art career path when she started learning to ink. “Even if I make breakfast or painting, I will try my best to make it as stunning as possible.” When you start to doubt what the purpose of life is, you are already on the path with a brand-new horizon to see things differently ever since. 

The beauty of ordinary things

” When my mum and dad kissed, that's happiness.” In Clara’s eyes, happiness is a simple matter which success or wealth are just smoke and mirrors blocking your view from judging what truly matters to you. It is essential to purse meaning of life, however, be careful not to be trapped in the sugar coating. “Listening to the waves by the sea, seeing my dog enjoying its food, looking at my mom’s smile…these are my definition of happiness.” Our lives may not be filled with dramas, thrills or heroes, but if you stop and look around, you will find those ordinary things in our daily lives are actually shining bright.