As the first generation of Hong Kong KOL, Pamela Cheung, who has over 190k followers on social media, has been already managing her social media for over 10 years. Being a wife and mother, she has made her dream come true by establishing her own brand, Mystery Volcano. Living in a busy slash life with lots of challenges, what’s her tips for making herself happier? 


Slash Life of a Multi-function Mother


“I liked drawing when I was small. For me, drawing is a way to release negative thoughts.  After giving birth to my child, I wanted to take part in the design process. Therefore, I launched my designed shoes and accessories brand last year. I love European and American style very much, which I wish to try more on adding these elements to my design in the future.” Pamela shared. Being a slasher was kind of an ideal lifestyle among the younger generation. Pamela has shared lots of interesting moments in her busy life as a mother, KOL, model and brand owner. When a little baby came to her life that needed constant attention and love, time management has become one of the biggest lessons. But you would be stronger when becoming a mother, there would be nothing impossible with the love of family and passion towards life.



Glimpsing the evolution of social media in the past ten years, Pamela has followed the changes which has pathed her way to this position. In the past, she saw social media as a platform to express her emotion and share her life. But when it turned into a part of her career, it gradually transformed to the source of pressure. Up to now, she was still learning not to be severely influenced by social media emotionally. 
KOL was seen as a semi-celebrity, they had to publicize their daily life or face public pressure. Therefore, it became necessary to find a way to balance emotions. “Although I could not call myself an artist, I would still prevent content related to my family from publicizing as they did not know how to handle it. Last time my husband was going on a business trip, he told me that someone recognized him at the airport, but in fact I thought it was quite funny.” Pamela shared. But how to manage negative thoughts when facing pressure? Pamela thought it was totally related to age and experience. “I was quite fragile in the past, but after becoming a mother, I became more open-minded and understood that it was normal to feel stressful from work.” Pamela explained.

New Rules under COVID

Since the outbreak of COVID, it’s been one and a half years already.Trapping in the same city for a long time, if you didn’t wanna be overwhelmed by bad mood, it was essential to find another way out. “This period of time made me rethink the whole model of social platforms, what could I share or what people loved to see.” Pamela said. Therefore, homemade clothing masks have become an opportunity to launch her own brand, Mystery Volcano. “The reason for starting a business was a coincidence last year. Actually, I’ve been wanting to have my own brand for a long time. Also, I would like to create something environmentally-friendly which I would keep working hard on this project and see if there was any crossover opportunity in the future.” Pamela shared.


Accumulated emotional training

Pamela thought her level of happiness had reached 9 which was more related to her long-term emotional training. “I thought it was more related to balancing. Happy or not was directly influenced by whether you were stubborn or not. I was quite stubborn in the past. My emotion was easily affected by my work which I’ve been spending for a few months to learn to adjust my mindset. But one day I figured out that there were so many things we could not control. Living in the moment was the most important mission in life.” Pamela recalled. Growth made people let go of their attachments, no longer magnify and sink into pain. Learning to love yourself could leave some capacity in your heart to discover and accommodate more happiness in life.