As Christmas is approaching, many plan to have a glass or two during the holiday and enjoy being tipsy and relax with friends and families. However, not everyone is fond of alcohol or some people are just responsible drivers. Not to compromise on the festive vibe, #HAPI invited top-class mixologist Alexandre Chatté to create 5 refined mocktails based on the concept of  “mixologist in a restaurant” and introduced the delightfulness of alcohol-free drinks.

“Born in the southwest of France, I grew up in a family that breathes food and wine and then we moved to HK in 1989. “ said Chatté. Initially, he was an aspiring chef so he attended hotel management school in the UK and returned to HK to work afterwards. He ended up working for several bars later on and competed in various flair bartending and mixology competitions in between and it’s no doubt that he shined in those competitions. Chatté has spent 16 years in mixology and his uniqueness comes from his hard-to-be-defined style — it’s full of characters and yet never fails to surprise you.

Transforming People’s Idea of Mocktails

To Chatté, mixology is similar to painting and also magic performance. When he mixed these 5 mocktails for #HAPI, he brought the ideas of simple execution, quality ingredients with a spectacular drinking experience so that every diner would be able to find something they adore to compliment their meals. With this creation, changing people’s minds about non-alcohol drinks is one of his intentions too. “I attempt to display the versatility of non-alcohol drinks through mocktails. It doesn’t always have to be overly sweet like soft drinks or juice.” 


His working experience in HK has given him a strong understanding and knowledge of the local F&B scene. Throughout his career in mixology, he purposely exposed himself to a wide range of concept to be able to learn as much as possible and shared his professional knowledge. 



Born in France, Base in HK

As a top-class mixologist, some might be curious about his choice to base in HK. “I guess we can say that HK chose me and not the other way around” At first, he moved here because of his parents but it’s the energy in HK and its will to drive him to grow that made him stay. Even though he has been spending 16 years in mixology, he doesn’t seem to get tired of it, not even a tiny bit. Chatté explained that his love for wine is in his blood as a French and a member of a wine-selling family. It started with attempting to make his family proud by knowing his wines but when he got exposed to spirits, his passion exploded and he developed a huge appreciation for high-quality products.
Mixologists always seem to lead a glamorous and indulgent life but Chatté’s personality and his idea of dolce vita are pretty modest. “Happiness is living simply, with family and good friends. Listen to support and enjoy each others’ company” As a Hongkonger with a foreign root, happiness is as simple as it is.



Five #HAPI non-alcoholic cocktails prepared by AlexandreChatté:


  1. Poma Tea $55
Dry Berry Infusion, Ceder’s Classic, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, Fresh Pommagranate
  1. Spring Me Up $55
Pink Grapefruit, Fennel Juice, Lemon Juice, Red Bell Pepper Syrup.
  1. Yuzu #HAPi Club $65
Fresh Raspberries, Yuzu Juice, Lime Juice, Vanilla Sugar Syrup, 
  1. Pineapple Coconut Latte $55
Pineapple Juice, Ginger And Lemongrass Infusion, Coconut Nectar Foam 
  1. Amalfi Lemonade $60
Amalfi Lemon Juice, Fresh Oregano, Honey Syrup, Cacao Nib Soda Water