A bold afro hairstyle and vintage outfit were the symbol of Amber Tsui in the past which have led her to become a popular model in Hong Kong. After a few years, she has already changed her hairstyle to wavy hair and her position from front stage to backstage by establishing her own vintage fashion brand Never Wear Pajamas,.



A sense of ritual of Never Wear Pajamas,

By sharing Amber’s sense of ritual of high quality lifestyle with self-control, Amber has titled her brand name as Never Wear Pajamas,. It was totally inspired by her Work From Home life which she has set up a rule for herself by not wearing pajamas. “Wearing pajamas will make people even more less energetic. Therefore, I would like to apply this concept to different scenarios that everyone should be 100% involved in that atmosphere whatever you are doing.” Amber explained. While the comma at the end of the brand name means to be continued. At the first stage of establishing a brand, Never Wear Pajamas, started it’s journey by selling vintage clothes. But Amber wished that the brand can be more dynamic in the future and surrounded by everything picked by her. She believed that you can only do something well if you are really interested in it to convince others.




From Model to Vintage Shop Owner

From model to become an owner of a vintage shop, Amber said the path of becoming a model was all by mistake. “I studied fashion design in the past and I was always attracted by many things that I wished to try. Therefore, I still cope with friends I met from school days after graduating to achieve different projects to deal with our curiosity.” Amber said. Curiosity has expanded her social circle which has led her to an adventure of being a model. “I am quite lucky that being able to draw the public's attention with my afro hairstyle and make friends from different positions or occupations, these can help me to develop my career easier cause people from this industry are always willing to help each other which I can find infinite possibilities in such a small social circle. I find it quite exciting and challenging.” Amber shared. Stepping into a complicating and fast pacing fashion industry, Amber was quite fortunate to find her position and stability in this area. She has met lots of talented friends which has triggered her to come across a lot of unexpected adventure and experience. “Even some weird requirements suggested by the clients like up the mountain and down the sea or eating the same food crazily, for me, these are quite interesting and challenging which I enjoy a lot.” Amber shared happily.



There is no shortcut to become successful

In Hong Kong, there is a blurring boundary between models and KOL which many people may think being a model is an entrance ticket of being an artist. Amber thought whether you could become a successful model all depends on how much you insisted in this industry. “Expanding your career internationally as a Hong Kong model is not a whimsical thing. Elaine Kwok, who has successfully become a Gucci model was a role model. Therefore, it all depends on how hard working you are and how clear you focus on your goal instead of being distracted by other factors.” Amber explained. She added that being a fashion model seems to be glamorous, however, it is not as easy as expected at the practical level. “As a full-time model in Hong Kong, it is quite hard to be able to support your daily life as many brands prefer hiring popular KOL or celebrities to draw the public's attention. Also, the salary from normal campaign or look book shooting is not as high as commercial shooting.  This is also one of the reasons why many people quit this industry.” Amber sighed. She thought there were many talents in Hong Kong but most of them were limited by many frames. Even though coming across lots of obstacles and hard times, Amber thought doing the things she loved made everything valuable which her level of happiness was 8 out of 10. “I am surrounded by lots of love and support which is the happiest thing in my life. While the rest of 2 marks are the room for improvement.” Amber said.


Conversation is the way to release

Even born to be optimistic, everyone has ups and downs in life. Amber thought conversation was the best medicine to deal with being lost or overthinking. “First of all, I would try to find the source of sadness and write it down. If things didn’t get better, I would try to talk to somebody to release my negative emotion.” Amber shared. For the pursuit of her life, Amber thought everyone needed to spend their whole life to look for the most comfortable status. “Before doing anything, you have to ask yourself if you feel comfortable with it or not, it is the guideline to not making yourself regret and be a better you. If I will launch a book about my life, I think it will be a diary to record every step and stage of my life which will be quite interesting.” Amber said. At last, when Amber was asked about her interpretation of happiness, she immediately thought of love, it’s all about love.