Korean sneaker label AGE is famous with its recognisable silhouettes, plus the carbon coated canvas used and uniquely sculpted sole units. Inspired by the brand’s own motto ‘trend changes along with the flow of time’, designers have combined chucky outsole design with popular classic old-school style to 

portray their timeless vision. 


韓國人氣帆布鞋品牌 AGE 的鞋款用料高質和擁有獨特螺旋條紋鞋底設計,辨析度極高。採用高級炭塗層帆布也加強了防污功能。時尚具標誌性的厚實鞋底揉合復古設計,呼應著品牌「Trend changes along with the flow of time」的信念。


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