Using the abbreviation of ‘A Shared Sense Of Value’, AS2OV is a Japanese label founded by Taichi Fujimatsu. Focusing on functional bags, wallets and accessories, items are created with the purpose of combining design and functionality. With plenty of compartments and CORDURA nylon used, AS2OV bags are lightweight, durable and functional, which enable users to carry their daily essentials easily.


由設計師 Taichi Fujimatsu 所創立的日本多功能包袋品牌 AS2OV ,其名字是「A Shared Sense Of Value」 的縮寫。強調輕巧實用性和希望與用家產生一種對於包袋功能性的共鳴,品牌的袋款容量和收納性能亦非常高。採用防水耐磨 CORDURA 尼龍和多層間隔設計,功能性強之餘亦不失型格。


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