Taking ideas from the Japanese toilet slippers, Bench’s BENSAN sandals are designed and made in Nara, Japan. Thanks to its comfort, robustness and antibacterial function, these toilet slippers have been very popular for decades throughout Japan, especially in public facilities like hospitals and schools. A new interpretation has been brought to this classic national treasure with an insertion of leather fringed details. Not only can they be used indoors, you can always wear them outdoors, in a fashionable way.

在日本奈良縣製造的 Bench BENSAN 涼鞋是以日本國民浴室拖鞋為原形。由於這類涼鞋的舒適性,堅固性和抗菌功能都非常良好,幾十年來,它在許多公共設施(如醫院和學校)廣受日本人歡迎。在經典之中加入新元素,舒適的 PVC 浴室涼鞋配以皮革流蘇細節,重新訂立了大眾對膠涼鞋的既定思維。


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