7 August 2020
喜歡用畫筆紀錄生活及感受的插畫師 Myra Yi,亦從事模特兒工作及打理古董眼鏡網店。 面對不同範疇的工作,繪畫就像是 Myra 生活裡的調和劑,一個給予她機會與自己對話的媒介。 Myra 的繪畫風格以簡約,柔和色系為主。這是由於她認為自我對話應該是坦白的,別無修飾的。一場尋找答案,從而得到平靜的過程。
Illustrator Myra Yi, who likes to record her life and feelings with brushes, is also engaged in managing an online antique eyewear shop and modeling. Because she faces different fields, painting is a mediator in Myra's life, a medium that gives her the opportunity to reconnect to herself. Her style is based in simplicity and soft colors; she believes that self-conversation should be frank and without embellishment. It is a process of finding the answer and getting calm.
過往 . 現在 (Past . Present)
這場展覽包含了五年前 Myra 離開畫廊工作後的第一幅畫,以及到現在的重點作品。 每一幅都紀錄了當下最單純的感情。 五年前的第一幅畫。是她生命中轉捩點的標記。 對 Myra 來說,這是一場自我告白。 回顧過往的反省,以平和的態度來重新審視自己。 公開赤裸的情感,以生活的熱情來樂觀追求現在。
Introduction: This exhibition contains the first of Myra’s paintings after leaving the gallery five years ago as well as key works created since then. Each records the simplest feelings of the moment. For Myra, this is a self-confession. Look back on past reflections, re-examine yourself with a peaceful attitude. Open naked emotions and pursue the present optimistically with the passion of life.

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