Our Philosophy

#HAPi is founded on the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy life and be happy. We believe that happiness can be found in different parts of our daily life and in our community, and we want to bring the beauty, passion, optimism and stories of talent and inspirations to our customers.


We are dedicated to embracing and supporting an exciting lifestyle by bringing our customers the best products from around the globe. Covering bistro, deli, fashion, homeware, floral service as well as working studio, we strive to offer a comprehensive experience to our customers.


We will host cultural events and collaborations such as workshops and exhibitions by talents on a regular basis. Digitally, our online magazine will feature the latest news of fashion, culture, lifestyle, design, music, movies and travel, as well as stories of talented individuals, to bring inspirations to you.


May happiness always be with you :)


#HAPi 是一間本著為每一個人帶來快樂為宗旨的時尚生活概念店。我們相信每一個人都有享受快樂和生活的權利,亦可以從生活上的各種事物尋找到快樂的蹤跡。


我們希望透過不同的形式將每事每物的美學、熱情、故事和靈感傳遞給我們每一位客人。 #HAPi 團隊致力在世界各地搜羅最優質的商品去滿足不同客人對生活的要求。位於香港其中一個最具文化活力的小區之中,座落於上環普仁街的 #Hapi 旗艦店集合了餐飲、時裝、傢具擺設、生活雜貨、花藝和共享工作空間於一身,為客人提供全面的體驗。




希望大家都可以快樂過每一日 :)


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