#HAPi “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" Breakfast Menu!香港首創融合 Fine Dining 概念的早餐

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不經不覺,#HAPi 已開業數月,除了商品種類多樣的選物店之外,位處窗邊位置的 #HAPi 餐廳,亦同樣受到客人的喜愛。若要數其中最受歡迎的餐點,就非海鮮燉飯和蘋果撻莫屬。前者選用十多種來自各國的新鮮食材燉煮而成,後者入口甜而不膩,更盡顯廚師刀功。籌備多時,我們決定在秋意漸濃的十月推出全新菜單 —— #HAPi Breakfast!

Time flies, #HAPI has been opening for a few months already. Besides the select shop which provides a large variety choice of products, the #HAPi restaurant next to window side is equally adored by our customers. To name our most loved dishes, seafood risotto and apple tart must be on the list. The former is made of a dozen kinds of seafood freshly imported from foreign countries and the latter is just about right on the sweetness and tartness. Both dishes really reflect the chef’s skills. After months of preparation, we decided to launch our brand new menu -- #HApi Breakfast in October as the autumn vibe is getting real.

#HAPi Fine Dinning Breakfast

#HAPi 認為,每個人都應該以豐盛美味的早餐展開全新的一天。因此,來自毛里裘斯的主廚就想將 Bistronomie (Gastronomie + Bistro) 的概念帶到香港, 換言之,就是將 Fine Dining 融入菜單設計,創作出五款新穎且豪華的精品早餐--藍龍蝦蕎麥班尼迪、燒椰菜花扒配香檳汁、鴨肝 & 鮑魚洋蔥醬意式烤麵包、蛋白配黑松露汁、法式多士配豆奶果仁糖果醬!經過精挑細選的食材以及剛剛好的份量,作為起床後的第一餐,既能提供足夠能量,亦不用擔心會對身體造成太大負擔,吸睛的外觀和擺盤,更為整體增色不少!如果你也是個不折不扣的「Breakfast 控」,相信 #HAPi 這次的新菜單不會讓你失望。

#HAPi thinks it is important for everyone to start their day with a full and tasty breakfast. Hence, our chef from Mauritius had the idea of bringing the concept of Bistronomie (Gastronomie + Bistro) to Hong Kong. In other words, it means combining fine dining into the menu which explains our 5 original and deluxe breakfast -- Blue Lobster Egg Benedict Buckwheat, Grill Cauliflower Steak Champagne Sauce , Bruschetta Foie Gras Terrine , Abalone Onion Condiment, Snow Egg Black Truffle, French Toast Soy Cream Praline Sauce. As for the first meal of the day, the well-considered breakfast menu has the perfect portion to provide enough energy but not too heavy for our bodies. Not to mention the eye-catching appearance and plating make the experience even more enjoyable. If you are a big fan of fine breakfast, the new menu at #HAPi won’t let you down.

Grill Cauliflower Steak Champagne Sauce $138 Blue Lobster Egg Benedict Buckwheat $198

Bruschetta Foie Gras Terrine , Snow Egg Black Truffle $128

Abalone Onion Condiment $138

French Toast Soy Cream Praline Sauce $98

#HAPi Breakfast 推廣優惠:

Green Member:一個月內可享有七折優惠

Pink & Blue & Yellow member:一個月內可享有六折優惠+免費咖啡一杯

#HAPi Breakfast Promotion:

Green Member: 30% off for one month

Pink & Blue & Yellow Member: 40% off for one month + A cup of coffee for free

*從 10 月 13 號起,#HAPi 營業時間(9am - 6pm)。

*Starting from 13th October, #HAPi ‘s opening hours will be 9am to 6pm.


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