🖤MY FIRST SOLO EXHIBITION AT #HAPi 🖤 – Myra Yi, Illustrator

Updated: Oct 14

將本土創作展出給大眾、實現本地藝術家的夢想一直都是 #HAPi 的使命。從籌備到展覽順利舉辦,#HAPi 都很榮幸能夠有份參與其中,上星期五晚(10月9日)本地插畫師Myra Yi 個展在 #HAPi 的私人酒會完滿舉行,十分具意義的一個晚上。除了Myra本人很高興之外,我們 #HAPi 的團隊也很感動,今次意外地令藝術家能重拾自己最喜愛做的事。​

(Myra’s 的故事 #HAPi Blog : https://bit.ly/2SMbZmH)​

Showcasing local artworks to public and supporting the dreams of local artist are always the mission of #HAPi. It is our honors to take part in the exhibition and we are happy to announce that the cocktail party was successfully held on last Friday (9th Oct). Besides Myra, #HAPi team was also very touched that we even rekindled participants' passion in Art.​


(Click #HAPi Blog to learn more Myra: https://bit.ly/2SMbZmH)​

把藝術品從網絡世界搬到現實,在香港是很難得的事情,對於本地插畫師Myra Yi 來說,創作路上每步走來更是有血有汗。相信本地插畫師Myra Yi 的粉絲都見證著自己所愛的藝術家一步一步地成長。​


Moving art pieces from digital world to reality is relatively rare in Hong Kong. For Hong Kong local illustrator - Myra Yi, every step of her creative path is extremely tough which is believed that Myra's fans has witnessed her growth and hard work. ​



展覽仍然在 #HAPi 店內進行中,盼望觀眾能透過Myra的展覽找到關於快樂的解答。


Exhibition is still on-going, wishing you can find out more inspiration about happiness from Myra's exhibition. Looking forward to have more collaborations with local talents in the future and bring more amazing artworks to everyone!​

Myra’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGNcM_pAffS/

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